Lessons in Claverdon, Warwickshire and Redditch, Worcestershire (close to Birmingham and Solihull), with qualified Shaw Method teachers. 

Easily accessible from Bromsgrove, Worcester, Stratford-Upon-Avon and Leamington Spa. 

Swim with Ease

At Swim with Ease we specialise in teaching adults. Our one to one swimming lessons enable swimmers of all abilities to learn to swim with a safe, comfortable and effortless style that benefits both mind and body.

support in the waterWith over 15 years experience of working exclusively with adults we are sensitive to the different needs and emotions you may experience as an adult learner.

We will give you hands on support in the pool and help you to understand your body's relationship with the water. Our aim is for you to feel good in the water and enjoy swimming.

Lessons are at a pace that suits you. So whether you are a beginner or a competent swimmer, anxious or confident, we can help you to get the most out of your time in the water.

Daily Swimspiration Quote


“There is enjoying yourself. Taking things slowly and letting them unfold on their own. This is trust.

There’s enjoying yourself, letting them unfold as they do on their own, seeing some things succeed beautifully and others “fail” yet staying calm and continuing to trust. This is grace.

There is the slow passing of time with no apparent advance, which lies between a belief you’ve had for a long time and an awaited new understanding. There’s the trust that this period of confusion will clear, and the answer will be known. This is patience.

There’s the euphoria of unexpectedly experiencing a miracle. This is the glorious, yet predictable reward for enjoying yourself, taking it slowly, and letting things unfold as they do on their own. This is living artfully.

Recall the part of you that has lived artfully at times in your life, even in moments today. You are no stranger to living artfully. The real you is the artist. The real you, the one that you know is you, knows that the struggle is just an old habit. The real you is the graceful, patient artist.”

Melon Dash


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Celebrating 25 years together today with a picnic and river swim in The Lugg at Bodenham in Herefordshire. So good to be in the water.

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 Swimmer Comments...

"I would highly recommend the lessons to anyone, swimmer or non swimmer. However if you do gulp water, can't put your face in and are afraid this is the way to overcome those fears and barriers. Go on book a lesson!"

Lynne, Birmingham

"Thank you for helping me gain a positive relationship with water and overcoming my fear of deep water, I couldn't have done it without your guidance and support."

Emma, Birmingham

"Victoria creates a comfortable,unique and safe learning environment. She is very patient and understanding and tackles not only the techniques of swimming, but the anxieties that are felt. She is also very good at understanding the learner's needs and abilities."

Emily Hogan

Richard, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you. I feel incredibly lucky to have come across your website. I am sure that there are plenty of teachers around who teach swimming, but equally sure that those who can instil confidence and calm the way you do are very few and far between and that's what makes all the difference. I may not be a fully fledged "crawler" (yet!!), but I have rediscovered how to relax in the water and how much I do, in fact, enjoy swimming and that's been a real gift, so thank you."

Sue, Warwickshire.

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