How we teach...

One in five adults in the UK can't swim. Many don't swim well or enjoy swimming. Even competent swimmers often swim with unnecessary tension and can suffer from neck or back pain after swimming.

Traditional swimming lessons (teacher shouting instructions from the poolside, measuring success by speed or distance) have failed for many people.

Our approach is different:

We believe it is essential that everyone feels comfortable and safe in the water, both physically and emotionally. We want you to enjoy exploring the water so that you can understand how your body relates to it and learn to swim with ease.

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Our lessons:

Our lessons are one to one. We are in the water with you. We use our hands to guide you where needed and demonstrate movements for you.

We encourage you to express how you are feeling and talk about what you need.

We teach without dependency on buoyancy aids (floats, woggles etc), gving you hands on support to help you become independent and learn to feel your own natural buoyancy.

We begin with basic skills - breathing, floating, gliding, sculling and kicking; we encourage you to explore and trust the water before we expect you to master strokes.

Our focus is on encouraging you to slow down and think, helping you to become aware of how you use your body as you swim.

We help you to release unnecessary tension, preventing strain or injury, so that you learn to use, rather than fight against the water as you swim.

Whichever stroke you choose to learn, we guide you through a series of individual practices that allow you to focus on the specifics of each movement. We then help you put these movements together to produce an easy and effective swimming stroke.

We use video analysis to show you exactly what you are doing in the water.

Our practices are based on the principles of the Alexander Technique and the Shaw Method of Swimming.

More swimmer comments...

I would thoroughly recommend Swim with Ease to anyone seeking to get the most out of swimming lessons.

Julie, Birmingham.

Victoria, had to let you know, I couldn't believe the difference in my swimming after tonight's lesson. I lost my fear of the deep end and went up a couple of times completely relaxed.

Mary, Solihull.

Victoria, just to say thank you. I never thought I would ever be able to achieve what I have, especially after my slow start - it's all down to you! Many thanks, Liz

Liz, Solihull.

Thank you for my swimming session this evening, you gave me confidence."

Pat, Birmingham.

I found that Victoria was interested in my goals and very willing to work at my pace.  She has always been very patient and won my confidence by not springing surprises or pushing me to do something I was not ready for.

Colin, Malvern.

Richard was really helpful in supporting me to correct my technique. He helped me to build confidence in readiness for the speed triathlon in June.

Clare, Warwick.

Thanks to Swim with Ease, I am a much more competent and able swimmer and have met my objective of replacing my regular exercise with swimming.

Paul, Birmingham.